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Adiabatic Cooling Systems

Adiabatic Systems are easy to install and virtually maintenance free to reduce operating and maintenance costs.

Because of the added capacity, Adiabatic Cooling Systems take up a smaller footprint than traditional Dry Air Coolers, saving foundries and melt shops valuable real estate. In addition, these systems use evaporative cooling which allows them to incorporate many of the benefits of a closed-circuit industrial tower without the maintenance associated with standing water. This eliminates the need for chemical treatments.

Hybrid Adiabatic Cooling Towers

Hybrid (dry and adiabatic type) cooling towers are a recent addition to our standard cooling system designs. These cooling water tower offers minimal running cost. No chemicals. Minimal maintenance required. Low or no water consumption.

Inductotherm can design and supply a complete water-cooling system, including cooling towers, pumps, expansion tank and controls.  We design and size replacement Hybrid cooling towers to replace existing old wet type industrial cooling towers. The Hybrid adiabatic cooling towers are TOTALLY SAFE FOR HUMAN HEALTH. There is no stagnation of warm water and there is no risk of the generation of Legionella.

Two Working Modes

Hybrid adiabatic cooling towers have two working modes: Dry and Adiabatic. “Dry Mode” can be run during most of the year. During this mode, the cooler operates as a dry-cooler with no water consumption. The heat transferred by the water is dissipated in the ambient air by convection aided by the fans. The mist sprays in “Adiabatic Mode” are automatically activated when there are periods of high ambient temperature when the dry mode is not able to maintain the required outlet water temperature.

Cooling Tower Benefits are:

  • No chemicals and minimal maintenance required.
  • Low or no water consumption

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Energy/Low Running Cost

Inductotherm design the fan controls to turn on fans in stages and only operate when required to maintain the desired operating fluid temperature resulting in reduced electrical power cost.

Water/Low or No Water Consumption

The hybrid adiabatic cooling towers use a fine spray of water only during the hottest months of the year when process fluid and ambient air temperatures dictate. As a result, hybrid adiabatic cooling water towers consume as little as 5% of the water as compared to a traditional evaporative cooling towers.

Health/No Chemicals

Hybrid adiabatic cooling towers eliminate the standing water found in evaporative cooling towers. This eliminates one of the primary breeding grounds for Legionella pneumophila – the bacteria that causes Legionnaires’ disease.

Tech Specs

Standard FeaturesOptional FeaturesFactory Tested
Low Water Discharge During Peak Temperature MonthsFull-Access Water Pumping ModulesCritical Components
Zero Water Discharge During Off-Peak Temperature MonthsFan Cycling Controls for Reduced Power Usage
Virtually Maintenance Free
No Condensation Problems When Used with a Diversion Valve
Minimum Corrosion, Scaling and Electrolysis
Low Maintenance Costs
No Coolant Contamination
Completely Closed-Loop Pressurized Circuit
Reliable Year-Round Cooling
Emergency Cooling Capacity During Power Failures
Abnormal Temperature Protection
Audible and Visible Alarms