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Melt-Manager Control Systems

Melt-Manager® Control Systems are the entry level to smart systems.

Melt-Manager® Control Systems utilize embedded microprocessor controls and provide the operator with melt control modes and diagnostics for analysis and support. They integrate a color touch-screen LCD display that provides direct access to inverter information and controls.

Melt Control Modes: 

The kilowatt hour melting feature allows the operator to input a kilowatt hours per ton and furnace weight to calculate the kilowatt hours needed to reach pouring temperature. This also provides a safety hold power feature which maintains a furnace bath temperature when the kilowatt hour count is complete.

Preheat Controls: 

The automatic cold start feature allows the operator to input a heating schedule to preheat the furnace lining to reduce manpower requirements and production efficiency. The sintering feature also improves long lining life by allowing the operator to input a heating profile to automate the sinter control process.

Easy-to-access Diagnostics: 

Provides main display of equipment meters, alarms and event information with a color-coded status. The furnace inductance calculation feature can aid the operator in determining the furnace lining condition.


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Tech Specs

Standard FeaturesFactory Tested
Operator-friendly, Color Touch-Screen LCD Display
Embedded Microprocessor ControlCritical Components
Displays and Records the Power Supply Meter Readings
Displays Color Coded System Events and Alarms
Displays Melt Control Operating Status
Automated Control of the Complete Melt Cycle
Schedule Input for Automated Cold Start Control
Permits Heating Profile Input for Automatic Lining Sintering
Calculates Furnace Inductance
Comprehensive Diagnostic Checks
Provides Event Information Associated with Incoming AC Line Voltage
Provides Event Information to Alert Users to Potential Arcing Situations
Includes Built-In Safety Features to Maintain Proper Operation
Displays Total Kilowatt Hours Used
Demand Control Input Option
Auxiliary/Temperature Control Input Option
Events History Screen with Date and Time Stamp
One-Touch Large Meter Display
Meter Data History Charts
USB Drive Data Logging
One-Screen Multi-Language Support